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LED Bulb Comparison& replacement
published date: 2015/7/10
ENERGY EFFICIENCY Light Emitting Diodes (LED) Incandescent Compact
& ENERGY COSTS Light Bulbs Fluorescents (CFL)
Life Span (average) 50,000 hours 1,200 hours 8,000 hours
Watts of Electricity Used (Equivalent to 60 watt bulb) 6-8 watts 60 watts 13-15 watts
Kilowatts of Electricity used 329 KWh/y 3285 KWh/y 767 KWh/y
Annual Operating Cost $32.85/year $328.59/year $76.65/year

ENVIRONMENTAL Light Emitting Diodes Incandescent Compact
IMPACT (LED) Light Bulbs Fluorescents (CFL)
Contains toxic mercury No No Yes
RoHS Compliant Yes Yes No
Carbon Dioxide Emissions 451 pounds/year 4500 pounds/year 1051 pounds/year

LIGHT Light Emitting Diodes Incandescent Compact
OUTPUT (LED) Light Bulbs Fluorescents (CFL)
Lumens Watts Watts Watts
450 4-5 40 9-13
800 6-8 60 13-15
1,100 9-13 75 18-25
1,600 18-21 100 35-40
2,600 23-26 150 45-50

IMPORTANT Light Emitting Diodes Incandescent Compact
FACTS (LED) Light Bulbs Fluorescents (CFL)
Sensitivity to Low Temperatures   None Some Yes
may not work below -10 degrees F or over120 degrees F
Sensitivity to humidity None Some Yes
Turns on instantly Yes Yes No
takes time to warm up
On/Off cycling effect None Some Yes
CFLs warm slowly and reach full brightness gradually; turning a CFL bulb on & off quickly can drastically reduce its life span
Fragility Very Durable Not Durable Not Durable
LEDs can handle jarring & bumping glass or filament breaks easily glass breaks easily
Heat Emitted 3.4 btu's/hour 85 btu's/hour 30 btu's/hour
Failure Modes Not typical Some Yes
may catch on fire, smoke or emit odor
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